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Like everything else in your house, the pool also needs to be maintained. It will require resurfacing every few years, depending on the usage and the weather conditions in your area. Luckily, at Old Pueblo Pool Resurfacing, we do Tucson pool repairs, pool deck resurfacing Tucson AZ, pool plastering Tucson AZ, pool restoration Tucson AZ, basically we do it all. 

From refinishing of stained or pitted pools to resurfacing marcite pools, our expertise knows no limits. Since we use high-quality finishing deck materials and pool tile Tucson, your pool will look as good as new once we’re done doing our magic on it. 

Our pool service Tucson have been praised by the local Floridians for years. Give us a call to learn more about our pool services Tucson or talk to a specialist about your pool resurfacing Tucson.

Eventually, any pool – no matter what material it’s made of – will need repair. If you neglect these fixes, the damage will get worse, increasing the cost of repair in the long run. Moreover, to keep your pool in shape, you need to ensure period repairs. 

Since we offer poor repair Tucson, our representatives are just a call away. Contact us to get more details about our pool services Tucson.

When Does Your Pool Need Repairs?

Here are some signs that you need to get in touch with us for pool repair Tucson. 

Malfunctioning Heater 

If your pool water remains cold, it’s likely due to the heater being broken. A lot of reasons could be contributing to this, such as blocked pipes or malfunctioning controls. 

Wall Cracks 

Concrete pools that have cracks in them are in dire need of repairs. Cracks lead to water leakages, further causing wastage of pool water. Owing to this, the soil around the pool might end up getting eroded. 

Murky Water 

Is your pool water dirty even after you clean it daily? It’s possibly because of the blocked debris that’s getting mixed with water flow. 

Broken Lights 

If your pool’s lights are broken, you need to get them fixed immediately because water and electricity are never a safe combination. You shouldn’t deal with this problem yourself since fixing pool lights isn’t the same as fixing a bulb in your room or kitchen.

pool repair tucson
pool repair tucson